Banyan Tree Chai Latte

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Banyan Tree Chai Latte Bottles


Banyan Tree Chai Tea Latte offers a hint of sweetness with a dash of spiciness, and celebrates the rich tradition of meeting underneath the Banyan Tree with those we love.

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Forget everything you know about the daily routine.

Banyan Tree Chai Mug +Drink Hot or Cold +Kosher +Gluten Free +All Natural
Drink Hot or Cold
Gluten Free
All Natural

Each day should be enjoyed. Drink accordingly.

Banyan Tree Chai Latte Bottles

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Begin a New Tradition

Begin a New Tradition.

The Banyan Tree has long been an important gathering place in India. In fact, it was actually under a Banyan Tree in the Surat region that a young child named Amy Patel first helped her father brew his special chai tea for family and neighbors.

Years later, Amy and her husband Sam planted new roots in Louisville. While Amy brought many of her family traditions with her, whenever she served her father’s special chai tea something wonderful began to happen. Making plans with family and new friends soon began to revolve around her father’s chai tea. It became increasingly apparent that her father’s chai tea was special to many more than just her and Sam. It offered an interlude. A much-deserved break. A unique opportunity to connect on a human level.

So, in this day and age where screen connections are the norm and 140-character limits are the status quo, Banyan Tree Chai offers something refreshing: a reason to take a break and relax with friends and family face-to-face.

Available in smooth Masala Latte, Ginger Latte with a dash of spiciness, and gentle Vanilla Latte, we encourage you to find your own Banyan Tree Chai and get connected in a real way. Because everyone is welcome in the rich tradition of gathering in the shade — around the Banyan Tree.

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Other times it lives in the moment.

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Start a new chapter in looking after you.

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